What do you mean when you say I’m

Attraction, Orientation and Identity:  What do you mean when you say I’m Gay

Words are tricky things. We use words as a way of communicating, but sometimes what we mean when we say something, and what the listener assumes we mean when we use those words can be very different things. Recently I was hanging out with a group of youth, and one of them told me “I going to get pimped out” Because I know this teen pretty well I understood that what he meant by the phrase was “I’m going to get really dressed up” much the same as my grandparents would have said “I’m really putting on the ritz.” What made the situation humourous was a bystander who wasn’t as trained in the slang of youth culture was shocked and confused because she interpreted those same words to mean “I’m going to have someone set me up to be a prostitute”