The Party is on Fire

With Joburg Pride behind us, it was time for the final party of the tour: Fireman’s Ball. Many Pride faces was seen at Fireman’s Ball, with great music, the result: an awesome party.

Pride’s heat had to be topped (I am a bottom) with more fun. The sound was the best, great music – tunes people actually like and not just listen to with good beat.

The evening ended early when some of the group went to Babylon and the rest to bed. I was one of those that went to bed to be fresh for when we hit the road back to Cape Town. We left this morning at 10 after giving Odi Diva a great good bye surprise while she was getting in a few minutes rest after all her social respenisabilities.

We arrived in Bloem, again at the fantastic Emoya Estate, at 3 today to sleep over to take on the rest of the road tomorrow. We will be having a small braai and then hit the beds ;)