How to find a Partner

Some personal advice to find those answers on how to find a partner.



A soulmate (or soul mate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.  No where does is mention anything about “first attraction”.


1) Establish the kind of person you want to meet and where that kind of person would hang out. (clubs, social, work….)
2) Get involved! You cannot expect to meet “Body Builder Guys” if you not going to the gym yourself. (not to say that you must be well-built as most of them prefer guys who is not)
3) Any person below 200 social friends on FB is not that appealing. Someone on the other hand who have over 500 friends create the impression of sociable, friendly, possible or worthwhile meeting. (Not over 1000 Friends, because then you seems like a fake profile)
3) Keep your facebook up-to-date. Guys like to check-out someone Facebook Profile. Remove the “Like GIRLS status to rather say nothing or hidden” Make sure you have pictures and updates that reflects you – something fun and exciting or at least positive. Again, a profile with updated pictures of you is a face pic. (take note we did not use the word sexy)
4) Comment on the type of FB groups that your Ideal BF or FRIENDS would like to join. Guys like to see who said what. Very appealing….. (take note we did not use the word sexy again)
5) Join possible Gay Events on social media, attend and support if possible or comment. How can you expect to meet someone if you sitting in your flat every night?  Going out does not always involve money. (take note we did not use the word sexy again)
6)Ask your friends and family members for advice on the type of guy they think you must date. (If you don’t like it, then take the total opposite of what they said.)  If you don’t have friends and you not keen on chatting to your mom about this, then go and see a Spiritual Healer. It’s a start at least!


7) Post or Say positive stuff. Majority of the people is always negative and people JUST LOVE POSITIVE STUFF. (This may include liking someone’s FB status, poking someone, commenting, sharing, saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY or just posting general stuff) – (POSITIVE = SEXY, not looks. Would you rather spend the rest of your life with the sexiest brain dead guy or someone who is on your level?)
8) Don’t JUDGE too quickly. If you said NO within the first 5 seconds it means that you a spoiled brat and should start from the top of this list again. QUESTION: How many friend requests on social media did you reject the past couple of months?  (If you only wanna drive a PORCH then buy your own baby)
10) Visit the meaning/definition of “couples” and “friends”. It’s all about accepting and supporting each other – not the SEX!


Hope this help and love the comments and feedback. Help me improve on this list and PLEASE send me your comments.