spot light of the week

This week has been very hectic due to the ups and downs .panic,and pressure  but thank you to Henry and Eugene for their determination,courage and sense of organization during the whole trip accompanied with our colorful unique gay flag4SA and also Budget for making this tour successful and beyond. thank you for your consideration ,thank you for making sure that every one is equal,thank you for giving PASSOP such a big opportunity to be able to talk to the media and to reach the goal out there. thank you for organizing meeting that PASSOP was part of. i am convinced  that this adventure will bring pr0fit to all LGBTI refugees across south africa,i wish i could take Eugene and Henry with me in my bag ha  ha ha ha i adore you snap snap snap you are awesome please guys this looks like fun and crazy yes ,but also a clever way of exploring and learn about what happening in the country, especially in the LGBTI community in different environments. i should say i,ve learned a lot out of this gayflag4SA bus tour ,and Budget car hire has been the only link to all my destinations during my out reach.

My special moment of the week was the visit we had at the court i felt honored just to be in presence of the judge. judge Justice is awesome,thank you lord for giving us this man who knows the law and what the LGBTI community needs. wit pride was surprising the campus was in vibe i loved the fact that everyone wanted a picture with the angel and our beautiful queens;LOLA and GENEVIEVE,these two queens are sometimes funny ha ha ha they love high hills but they can not handle long walks ha ha ha.

snap snap to Mix radio the interview was long and interesting it was all about gayflag4SA seating on the Budget car hire,the host came out of the studio just to see how beautiful is the Budget mmmmhhh.

Hey guys what do you think about the smoked salad we had at Health for men? you all know what i mean.

Remember we also had a special photo shoot at the union building it felt like tourist i enjoyed every single peace of it,

So guys were you at the johannesburg gay pride? please ask anyone who was part of it to tell you about the gayflag4SA we rocked ,the gayflag4SA wasnt to miss guys,ask how many people wanted just to hold the biggest colorful flag blowing behind the Budget? find out. snap snap snap