Proud Pride

Today was Pride! What a march! I was lucky enough to sit with the fabulous Flag Boys in the Mini Cooper proudly sponsored by Budget Car Hire in front of the fabulous Audi with Miss Lola Fine, the most photographed Royalty of Drag in Africa. She had a huge Gay Flag of South Africa being dragged behind the Budget Audi which matched her amazing outfit (poor ostriches).

Speaking about the Gay Flag of South Africa. Today it was announced by Gay Flag of South Africa NPC that the Gay Flag of South Africa, designed by Huge Brockman, is officially recognized by the Department of Arts and Culture as the gay symbol for the country’s LGBTI. This is a world first where a government recognizes an LGBTI symbol. The Flag Boys worked hard for this; finally a symbol for the gay community that is more than just glitter and that wont age after a few bottles of dooswyn.

In the parade, I was honored to sit next to the Flag Boys with my body painted Gay Flag of South Africa. I saw a lot of hot guys and stunning people. If Joburg can do one thing right, its called their partying! Joburgers know how to drink and have a jol!

What’s so amazing to me so far on this trip, is how many closeted gay friends have contacted me. I’m so proud of them all! A tour across the country, traveling more than 5000kms can definitely make a difference. I’m proud of you guys and girls and for those of you who are still not comfortable with comming out, its your business and I respect your choice. You don’t owe it to anyone to come out and if your partner loves you and you truly love him/her, I can’t see why it would be a problem.

A Pride Parade is also not just for the LGBTI community, its also for S-people who want to show their support or if they don’t have a problem with it in the first place and see gay as normal, to join in the fun.