It is getting a little personal now.

Ok so my last posts were all funny ( at least I thought so…) and full of happy adventures,
and this trip is still amazing, but Saturday was a bit of a different experience.
There was nothing wrong with Saturday, in contrary, Saturday was the most amazing day of the tour for me,
and for sure one of the most amazing days in my life so far.

SOWETO PRIDE was an amazing experience.
I was stunned by the culture in Soweto, by the way the residents build their houses, by the life happening on the streets all day.
I have never seen a place like this and it still felt like I was always looking to experience something like this.
It reminded me of some lyrics of some song or maybe it was a line in a book I read:

” Can you miss something that you never had and never knew?”
My answer is yes.


The way the people marched and sang their songs of pride,
filled with so many memories and experiences floating in the air while they march,
the political background of the march and the lesbian energy was overwhelming for me.
For the first time on this tour I felt like this is about me.  About who I belong to, about the things I identify with.
I felt sucked into this feeling of companionship and understanding like never before. People in Soweto don’t just march.
They chant. They scream. They sing. They silence. The silence we had together felt like the most intense moment.
We went from marching down the streets of Soweto and being as loud as we could to forming a circle
and honouring the dead and murdered victims of corrective rape and sexual persecution.
Before this tour, I have never been involved in LGBTI activism, I have done some other projects, but never for this cause.
It is a powerful cause and it is way more than just running on the streets wearing colourful flags
and celebrating that we are all gay and happy. It is awareness and acceptance and education.
It means letting people know we are here and we aren’t leaving. Ever.
I am hoping for a future where sex and sexual orientation don’t matter anymore,
and everyday we convince one stranger to accept us we get a little closer to this future.



Another very interesting thing is my perspective on this. Seeing all the events mostly through my lense

( and my amazing external view finder sponsored by PHOTO HIRE Cape Town) is very different.
Everytime I can capture a very emotional, happy, funny moment, I get goosebumps.
During the Soweto Pride, I started crying at least 5 times because it made me so happy to be part of this.
Looking at the footage later and being able to remember at and share it with all the people
who haven’t been with us makes me proud and happy at the same time.
My passion of filming meets my personal relevance to the topic and I think that is what will make the footage unique
and different to the videos other reporters took. That is why I climb on walls and roofs and trees to get my shot.
That is why my arms hurt a little more everyday, but you know what? It is just worth it.