Day6 “From the Victory Column to the Constitutional Court”

When great victories happen or great people come out to support minorities the least Kylie can do is send an angel. Once upon a time in a previous life I over towered my beloved home town, Berlin, the heart of the former Prussian Empire and today Germany’s grand capital. I feel like her, larger than life in mind, hindered by borders, somewhat helpless in regards to resources, envied by those who could help but kept under their thumb in fear that I might become bigger than what they could ever be. Berlin has however triumphed over time, rebuilt , reinvented and inspired itself. I on the other hand don’t have as much time as my beloved does so I have decided to change my surroundings to a more appreciative environment.

BUT before an angel gets reassigned by Kylie important occasions such as meeting Justice Edward Cameron, who has also been fighting for gay rights, are calling for an angels presence. After a touching get together and speech, I became the first angel to walk the constitutional court of South Africa. We were well received and even got an informative tour of the building, its history, its symbolism as well its architectural background.

From past and present to our future, we headed to the University of Witwatersrand, where the students were expecting us to support them in their pride march across the campus. Your angel did however have to squeeze himself through the narrow buildings of the VOW Radio Tower, where some not so flattering pics of me stuck in a toilet, me crawling through the actual dj booth and me stuck in an elevator were taken. I love talking on the radio especially when it’s a younger audience. The “Kids” are our future so it is important to inform them about all the right things, educate them with enough freedom, faith in themselves and fun. We can never make any of them do something or decide for them what should be done, but if we do our job right then they make the right decision when choices need to be made. I love coming WITS, the young people there are one of a kind, so open, friendly living on one of the most tolerant campuses and they never seize to inspire me to be someone better than who I am today. They restore my faith in humanity and for that I feel very blessed to be able to see them, most of them don’t know how beautiful their smiles are.. A lot of the times I am not sure about mine either, but I think we see it in each other, that’s what draws us together.. and maybe that’s enough of a great start

After leaving WITS filled smiles, we ended off our day with an awesome show at 5FM with DJ Fresh and Pabi before returning to the Saffron Heaven ahem I mean House in Melville.

Shweet dreams my angels ;)