When the sub shines bright, the white angel comes out and the masses come together for a heavenly joining of forces in all colours of the rainbow it only means one thing:


Finally all the lovers amass for a parade of showing the world who we are and who we love! Obviously SA’s most photographed Angel brought the G.F.S.A. BudgetCarHire ” I AM AFRICAN” Tour to be part of the Joburg Pride march. Oh how we are glitz n glamming away! :D Let’s show the entire of Johannesburg what we are made of and push the people forward! Your angel will obviously march amongst all the lovers, after all I have been chosen from the people, by the people, for the people. A leader loved by the followers just like the great Kylie!

The parade is fantastic, your heart would be racing if you could see the hot dark angels, pink queens and costumes amongst the great floats that keep on shooting glitter bombs into the crowd under the loud mix of hot disco tunes and roaring masses. An explosion of positivity, smiles and a sense of unity, because WE are not alone. To whoever is out there reading this instead of being with us today, YOU are not alone. I am not alone and together we are here to stay, joined by love we will survive, driven in spirit we will go west… north,east, south and remember we are not a community in this town, we are not a community across the country or the continent,..                                                                                           TODAY WE ARE AFRICAN IN A GLOBAL FAMILY!

I got all my brothers, sisters, drag queens n kings, bi’s, transgendered, straights, bi’s and plain out fabulous people with me. The world is watching and as I embark upon  a field of flashing cameras to capture some of the greatest moments with my fans, I realise the amount of beauty in this world and who am I really living for. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OUT THERE and I smile for every single photo like i did for the first, because I do appreciate you and the love we share. I hope I made some kind of difference in your life, brightened up your day, made a fantasy come true or simply give you some hope that angels do exist the way you have given that same hope to me. :)

The stage show is amazing Joburg Pride! We have to hurry now though as we still gotta rock the famous Firemen’s Ball and freshen up in between at the heavenly apartments of the Saffron House, for our final appearance of this year’s G.F.S.A. TOUR. Packing up will be bittersweet as will the ride back to Cape Town, but home is calling. Parts of my little angel heart will always remain with all of you inspiring people out there who I am very thankful to have met :)

I love you all and remember “If you think you can’t go on, a little light will come along”- I will be back ;)