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The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)

The Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA)

The Alliance for Community Transformation (ACT)

The Christian Democratic Party (CDP)

The Federation of Democrats (FD)

The New Labour Party (NLP)

The Party vir Christelike Politiek (Party for Christian Politics.) Aka “The Party For Christian Principles” (PCP)

The Christian Party (CP)

The Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)

God’s People’s Party (GPP)

United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP)

The National Democratic Convention (NADECO)

The South African Democratic Congress (SADECO)

The Christian Front (CF)



Christian Action Network (CAN)

Family Policy Institute (FPI)

The Centre for Christian Democracy (CCD)

People Against Gangsterism And Drugs (PAGAD)


! The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)

By far the largest anti-gay bigot Christian fundamentalist party in South Africa.

“was founded in 1993 and claims to represent “Bible believing Christians” and “those who have a high regard for moral values“. As such the party concentrates mostly on “moral” issues such as abortion, homosexuality and pornography. In a Mail & Guardian article in 2008 the ACDP stated that “we oppose gambling, pornography, homosexuality, prostitution and abortion.” Indeed its 2000 manifesto opposed the promotion of condoms and safe sex as a way of preventing HIV transmission. “The ACDP feel strongly that the condom campaign must be abandoned and that abstinence and faithfulness in marriage must be promoted. The President of the party is Rev. Dr. Kenneth Rasalabe Joseph Meshoe (MP).”

Back in 1994 the ACDP was the only party to vote against the adoption of the South African Constitution because of the inclusion of equality clauses for GLBTIQ and the decriminalization of homosexuality. Among other things, they openly accused the government of causing the collapse of civilization in SA in doing this. A year later, the ACDP won three seats in local government elections. However during the next five years, four councilors from other political parties crossed the floor to join the ACDP.

“In 1999 many critics believed that the ACDP would lose one of the two seats it had in the national Parliament. To the contrary, the ACDP tripled its representation and became the fifth largest party in Parliament with seven parliamentarians. The party also won its first seat on the National Council of Provinces. Provincially the party added another representative to bring ACDP representation in four different legislatures.” – Wikipedia.

As can be seen, this is probably the biggest gay-bashing party in SA, connected to many anti-GLBTI organizations through high profile appearances of its representatives at such rallies and “conferences” held by clandestine groups such as the Christian Action Network” and “Frontline Fellowship” in both Cape Town and KZN. Although the ACDP denies any connection to the religious radical right wing in the USA, they display a link on their website to the “Christian Coalition” among a host of links to other “Christian Democratic This or That” parties around the world. In fact, a list of over 40 is proudly displayed on their links page. If the ACDP is small today, it sure doesn’t look like it’s planning on staying small.

In 2009 they released their election manifesto which bragged of their intentions to amend laws giving equal rights to GLBT – should they ever come to power, of course. Fortunately this did not happen, as the ACDP vote was surprisingly cut in half, resulting in the loss of 3 of their 6 seats in Parliament. Despite this humiliating defeat, the ACDP has shown defiance and shown clear determination to establish a theocratic government (or “righteous republic) in South Africa in future. “The Centre for Christian democracy in Africa is naturally a strategic partner of the ACDP in South Africa.”, pushing for theocratic rule and the undermining of the divide between church and state – in fact it is run and directly supportive to the ACDP, listing ACDP representative Bruce Harbour as one of its officers.

! The Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA)

According to Wikipedia (and their individual websites) this is an alliance of five Christian Democratic political parties in South Africa. The Alliance for Community Transformation, the Christian Democratic Party, the Federation of Democrats, the New Labour Party and the Party vir Christelike Politiek (Party for Christian Politics.) After the 2009 Elections it became known as The Party for Christian Principles. Shortly before the 2009 Elections, this alliance was joined by the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP). These parties will continue as independent entities until the 2009 election, when they will join to contest the election under the banner of the Christian Democratic Alliance – in short, they will form an alliance to join their votes, and who knows who else they may ally with?

As a matter of interest, these five parties have a shared policy or constitution which is posted separately as the “Christian Charter

indicating theocracy and years of misery ahead for anybody in SA who is anything but heterosexual or Christian, should they ever win an election. In fact, The Federation of Democrats election promises can be viewed on their site showing particular hatred for the GLBTI community who, according to this lengthy article, will likely be criminalized and banned from holding any positions in the public service, police or military among others, citing “morality” as justification. It seems Pieter Marais (who founded the New Labour Party), left this dark alliance and joined COPE, albeit under some pretty dark clouds. It is still unclear if this gentleman took the New Labour Party with him to COPE or if he has left this party – or indeed if the NLP still exists at all and whether or not this move indicates a shady deal between the three parties to create an alliance. Since the NLP is so small and insignificant – and does not even have a website or even a Facebook group, it is hard to determine whether it still exists. The FD election manifesto for 2009 and the “Christian Charter” both echo James Dobson and Focus on the Family’s rhetoric about “protecting the family” from all sorts of “ungodly” things, most especially GLBTI.

The CDA also encourages all interested supporters to sign the “Christian Charter” and also adds the following comment: “SPEAK OUT AGAINST MEDIA PROBLEMS South Africa continues to see shocking statistics on rape, teenage sexual activity, HIV/AIDS infection rates and other social problems. Marriage is no longer sacred, the Christian viewpoint is ridiculed and the homosexual lifestyle is being depicted as normal and even sometimes advantageous.” Seeing as all five parties are signatories to this “Christian” Charter, this tars them all with the same brush, being of the “God Hates Fags’ persuasion and also in favor of a theocracy over secularism. They even encourage people to obtain print materials from “Christian Liberty Books” – and “Joy Magazine”, both affiliates of Peter Hammond, Frontline Fellowship and the Christian Action Network, a virulently anti-gay SA fundamentalist group – sure to provide very sound and unprejudiced material for bigots in training (wink). They also provide all the typical links to every far right radical org in SA, and some even abroad, such as the infamous “NARTH”. Nice people. I don’t think it will help you to tell them you are Christian or that you voted for them one day when the secret police come round to haul your queer ass to a concentration camp.

The Christian Party founded in 2005, joined the CDA just before the April 2009 Elections and declares the following in its Founding Statement: “The Christian Party seeks to glorify God through our political participation in South Africa in a manner which will educate, inform and promote the Biblical Worldview and apply, the Lordship of Jesus Christ to all areas and aspects of our daily life. The Vision of the CP is: South Africa governed by Christian Government in accordance with God’s Word.” – Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Note the use of the words “Biblical Worldview” – key words identifying this party as a group intent on establishing a theocracy and also people who intend to do more than merely frown on gay people. Biblical Worldview is also a catchphrase used by dominionists who believe it is their god-given right and destiny to rule the world in the style of “Pinky and the Brain”. What is a dominionist?

On their website their leader, Louis Marneweck states the following: “Churches infiltrate communities much more effectively than government. A government incorporating religious leadership will also serve this purpose much better than a secular one.”, “We will also protect the right of every unborn baby in South Africa as part of protecting family life“, “The Christian Party will implement the death penalty for every murderer, rapists, armed robber, high jacker and those preying on women, children and the elderly.”, “The Christian Party will build a strong educational system based on solid religious foundations.

In another newsletter, he says: “1. We are a political party with a difference; we are first of all a ministry and thereafter a political party. 2. We exist to glorify God, to be a blessing to the body of Christ and to make Him known within this nation. 3. We are not a secular party that only focuses on obtaining the power to rule the country.“, “We have a prophetic duty to be salt and light in the world and also to be sowers and witnesses. We also have a duty to fulfill the Great Commission as contained in Matthew 28:19-20:” – thus they are intent on theocracy, by their own admission. Dominionists, pure and simple. And that can never be good for GLBT nor any forms of equality, freedom or diversity.

The Progressive Democratic Party joined the CDA just before the April 2009 Elections. The following displayed on the CDA site: “Under the current presidency of Puleng Mpokotho, the PDP was formed primarily as a party that would focus on the needs and aspirations of youth, which are largely ignored by other parties. They have a clear manifesto of youth development focusing on education, poverty and financial empowerment. Recognizing the failure of the Youth Parliament and the National Youth Commission to constructively engage and develop the potential of our youth, the party was formed in 2007 to address these shortfalls. They carry widespread support across South Africa and between all cultural and language groups. Recognising the need to base their programme on Biblical principals, the CDA was identified as the Party that could assist in  meeting these ideals.” It seems a website is under construction for this enterprising little group and is as yet unavailable.

This group which was formed primarily from ACDP representatives who broke away from the larger party seemed to pin its hopes on the 2009 Election to gain a foothold in real life politics – but it seems they had their hopes dashed after failing to gain even 1 percent of the total national vote. Their total for the 2009 national vote? 0.06%. This makes it even more interesting to note, that even with a coalition of six registered political parties, they are still smaller than the ACDP, which is small itself. Doubtlessly this fact will encourage the CDA to seek an alliance with a larger religious political body which will of course share its own hateful outlook.

! God’s People’s Party

“GPP is a Political Party that stands to get God’s principles (Ten Commandments) as foundation to rule South Africa.” They also say: “We love whatever God loves and hate whatever He hates. We put on a direct “WAR” by not supporting and voting against anything that is against God’s Laws and Principles! With the strict implementation of the Laws and education, we shall fight anything the Satan and his followers do to mislead and corrupt the nation. We shall change all laws that do not implicate the Will of thee Almighty God. God’s People’s Party binds all godly people by the Books of Moses [Old Testament.] for our basic foundation of common grounds to a new government, where God is “President/Ruler/King” and His justice prevails.”

They also support reinstatement of the death penalty among a list of other vague references to social issues which could in fact mean anything. They also claim that they intend “To promote moral values“, whatever that means. I think you should know by now. They claim that they do not support theocracy, apparently without realizing that simply by using “god”-anything in their party policies or ethos, they are in fact implementing theocracy by mixing religion and politics – and should they attain political power this would be the case. In effect, this is another religious group of people who, through a “red phone” claim to know the likes and dislikes of this “Abrahamic God” under whom they intend to unite “godly” Christians, Moslems and Jews in another broader form of theocracy over the rest of us.

! United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP)

The United Christian Democratic Party is listed as “a moderate Christian Democratic Party in South Africa.” Funny that a moderate party would take the trouble to list “To foster and protect Christian Family Values” among its objectives. That should pretty much say all we need to know. It also lists some noble sounding aspirations such as standing against discrimination based on race, language and religion – but makes no mention whatever of gender or sexuality at all. In its manifesto, the UCDP says: “education programmes will strongly promote family and moral values which emphasise abstinence and faithfulness;”. Well, we know how well that worked in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the past, don’t we? Apparently this party is the main opposition to the ANC in the Northwest Province, so perhaps on this account alone, they should be watched as well.

! The National Democratic Convention (NADECO)

Apparently it’s (yet) another new tiny religious based ‘God hates fags’ party – and coincidentally its yet another offshoot of the IFP and the ubiquitous ACDP (yes, another ‘God hates fags’ party), which appears to be our own homegrown version of the US Republican party in SA.

The National Democratic Convention (Nadeco) was formed in August 2005 via floor crossing legislation by Ziba Jiyane, the former Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) chairperson. In September 2005 he was joined by the provincial African Christian Democratic Party leader and MP Reverend Hawu Mbatha. In August 2006, Jiyane was suspended by the party for misconduct and after a protracted legal dispute with Mbatha, he formally split from the party in December 2007. Later Jiyane went on to form the South African Democratic Congress in 2008.

Their main base is listed on WIkipedia as being in Durban, KZN and they follow a conservative “federalist” policy. Who is Reverend Hawu Mbatha? Well, let us start with his status as a regular invited speaker at various meetings or conferences held by Christian Action Network and its affiliate and member bodies. What was he doing there? Why, speaking, of course. Who is CAN? If you don’t know who the Christian Action Network (a.k.a. Christians For Truth (LOL), United Christian Action, Christian View Network, Kwasazibantu Mission, Gospel Defence League, Frontline Fellowship and numerous others) is, look them up at

Just click on all the links there to see how many bad apples and assorted nuts will tumble out of that bag.

! The South African Democratic Congress (SADECO)

A splinter group that broke away from NADECO after it’s leader (former Inkatha Freedom Party secretary-general, Dr Ziba Jiyane) was suspended. Jiyane (founder of both NADECO AND SADECO) “left the IFP after a public feud with IFP President Mangosuthu Buthelezi over the direction of the IFP. Jiyane claimed that the IFP was not adequately democratic. Jiyane was suspended by the IFP leadership and resigned, forming NADECO. In August 2006, however, Jiyane was suspended by the party for misconduct. After a protracted legal dispute with Mbatha (current leader of NADECO), he formally split from the party in December 2007 and retired temporarily from politics, formed the South African Democratic Congress in 2008.” – Wikipedia.

Although the party is not represented in parliament, it is registered with the IEC and has a presence mainly in KZN but also in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. They are so new that they do not even yet have a web presence.

In late February 2009 on a televised election rally, this group’s representatives bragged that (if elected) SADECO would revoke all gay rights including the right to marry. Sadeco’s president Ziba Jiyane called for “a return to moral and family values and said many laws of the country stood in contrast to these principles“.

! The Christian Front

The Christian Front is a Conservative Christian political party in South Africa. It is a breakaway from the Christian Democratic Party, and has a seat in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council, and in the Tshwane Metropolitan Council. The leader of the CF is Rudy Du Plooy. (Thanks again Wikipedia).

Their policy: “acknowledges the Bible as the all inspired Word of God and is the final authority over the affairs of man. Stands for the principles of a Biblical Democracy. Stands for the Biblical values, norms and principles. Stands for the protection of the family as per the Biblical model; being a married father and mother with children.”

Statements aggressive to GLBT rights include: 15 November 2006 “The leader of the Christian Front (CF), Rudi du Plooy, said that the passing of the Civil Union Bill by the National Assembly on Tuesday was a devastating act of aggression towards religion and in particular the Christian Faith. “By this act the ANC has demonstrated that it will poke its fingers into the eyes of the Christians as an act of defiance to God’s Law.

Sodomy is directly opposite to what God had intended and created. For Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula to say that South Africa needed to fight and resist all forms of discrimination and prejudice, including homophobia is reprehensible. It is clear that the Minister is ignorant as to what the debate was all about.”

What this nice gentleman is saying is this: The need “to fight and resist all forms of discrimination and prejudice” is “reprehensible” just because it includes homophobia? Well – I think that pretty much concludes the case for the “Christian” Front. As with most of these aggressive “live and let die” parties, it seems to be a “front” while having everything backwards.

! Boerestaat Party of S.A – (BSP)

“The Boerstaat Party is a right wing South African political party founded in 1986 by the late Robert van Tonder. It was never represented in the South African Parliament, neither in the apartheid era nor after the democratization. In 1989, it joined the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging in declaring support for Jaap Marais, the leader of the Herstigte Nasionale Party[1] and has worked with the HNP on occasion since. The party was a charter member of the Afrikaner Volksfront coalition group. It has also operated its own paramilitary group, the Boere Weerstandsbeweging (Boer Resistance Army).

The BSP were the first group in South Africa to openly advocate the restoration of the South African Republic and the Orange Free State and call for the secession of these territories from the Union of South Africa. This policy was later taken on board by the AWB and other rightist movements. The BSP further argued that the Boer citizens of these nineteenth century republics should be considered as a distinct nation from the Afrikaners [2].”

“Coen Vermaak has become noted for his controversial statements, arguing that it is official policy to drive white people to extinction through the widespread availability of contraceptives whilst he has further argued that ‘I am convinced the abortion law is aimed at getting rid of white babies’. Vermaak has also claimed that AIDS was a hoax designed to promote the use of condoms among whites claiming that ‘no Boer [Afrikaner] ever had Aids. It doesn’t exist. It’s the biggest scam that can take place’.

Whilst the party does not actively call for voting rights to be restricted to whites only, it firmly rejects the post-apartheid doctrine of universal suffrage. For Vermaak, it is ridiculous that a doctor and a vagrant should have an equal say in how the country is governed. He has argued that ‘any logical person should understand [that] some people’s votes should count more than others’ [6].” – Wikipedia

On their website homepage, , among other things that seem motivated by eugenics and other obscurities, the party states: “”Ons staan vir die beskerming van die tradisionele familie wat boustene van ons Boere Volk is. Ons staan vir die natuurlike orde van manlike mans en vroulike vroue en is totaal gekant dat dieselfde geslag mense mag trou of `n verhouding mag hê.” – translated into English, “We stand for the protection of the traditional family which is the building block of our Boer Nation. We stand for the natural order of masculine men and feminine women and are totally opposed to same gender marriage and relationships.” Their forums are laced with criticisms of gay rights and also heterosexist remarks.  Nice guys, huh? They have registered for the 2009 election, be warned.


! Christian Action Network (CAN)

CAN is a fundamentalist Christian group which evidenced by its activities in the past twenty or so years, is anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-Muslim and in fact anti` anything which is not both Christian fundamentalist and narrow minded. CAN, through its homophobia and heterosexist propaganda (thinly iced over with religious rhetoric from its speakers – most notably Peter Hammond, co-author of the odious anti-gay book “the Pink Agenda” and leader of Frontline Fellowship), has made it clear that they have an intense hatred for gay and transgender people. In fact, a visit to any of their websites will confirm the fanaticism and ignorance prevalent in their newsletters and wall postings. Frankly it is enough to sicken anyone with a healthy sense of fair play and decency. They actually believe that gay people choose to follow a “lifestyle” of “sin” and are “deviants” whom they show no respect, nor any kind words whatever. In fact the material on their sites concerning GLBTIQ is strictly acerbic and aggressive. They also promote “ex-gay” groups in SA claiming to “turn gay people straight” – but which do no less than convince healthy gay people to lie to themselves by simply denying that they are gay in order to satisfy religious intolerance. One need only examine the “Franschoek Declaration” in which it damns everybody from divorcees to gay people, to see its tainted “world view”.

They make unfounded claims using old gems like the one about gay people “recruiting” in school toilets and other items which give an interesting insight into their characters and prompt one to question their levels of intelligence. Much of their foundation for hating GLBT can be traced to the works of that ubiquitous fraud, Paul Cameron who passes himself off as an “expert” on sexuality. Every dirty propagandistic trick in the book is shamelessly employed by them in obvious attempts to incite hostility against GLBTIQ. Here is another look into their propagandistic ploys: – an official sounding name, isn’t it? No, this wasn’t a website set up by the IEC or any other government agency, it is another pro theocracy propaganda ploy set up by – you guessed it – CAN. Their pretty little logo (containing a sword, naturally) is proudly displayed upon it.

The Christian Action Network spares no horses in bragging about its accomplishments in fighting equality for all GLBTIQ in SA either, including among others, its (unsuccessful) hate campaigns against same gender marriage back in 2005 and numerous marches in KZN and Cape Town to harass drag pageants and pride events. Since then various member and associate groups have also posted cryptic hints at covert drives to “reclaim marriage”.  Now I wonder what they may mean by that? Don’t you?

! Family Policy Institute (FPI)

A local Cape Town group closely affiliated to the religious right wing in the USA, founded by Errol Naidoo – minister of the homophobic and outspoken “His People” church and on the editorial staff of “Joy!” magazine, an affiliate of Christian Action Network and mouthpiece for the religious right in SA. This little Family Research Council/Family policy Institute clone was mentored by its radical US counterparts. The US Family Research Council is closely associated with Focus on the Family and also James Dobson himself. FPI has a project it calls “Parliament Watch” to act as a watchdog on Christian affairs in SA Parliament and to launch campaigns the instant it sees anything it doesn’t agree with, such as same gender marriage. Naidoo sees his new project’s mandate as “We must utilize our numbers to influence our culture and determine our destiny!”  The FPI describes a “restoration of marriage” project as part of their vision and policy. and also makes regular inferences to “protecting the family” ad absurdum. He says in a Joy! magazine interviewThe Church lost the battle to defend the sacred institution of marriage because we were unorganized, unprepared and fragmented. In stark contrast, the homosexual lobby w as organized, committed and w ell funded. It fact, they had several million rands at their disposal to hire teams of high priced lawyers to advance their cause. As a result, we lost much ground.” Never mind the minor detail that the pro human rights lobby was constitutionally correct – and the anti equality lobby was not. Naidoo has also been a regular supporter and guest speaker of CAN and its “conferences”. He also serves as a member of the editorial board of “Joy!” magazine along with Peter Hammond of CAN. Naidoo himself of course, as testified by his many statements in the press and in presentations, is an unrepentant homophobe.

!The Centre for Christian Democracy (CCD)

“The CCD is oriented towards a greater role for civil society where the potential for authoritarian power by the state is curtailed. We recognise that the churches are the largest component of civil society, institutionally seperate from government. The government shoud be accountable to Civil Society and the people – not the other way round. The Centre for Christian democracyin Africa is naturally a strategic partner of the ACDP in South Africa.”  This is from what appears to be a small para-ACDP group on Facebook, loudly and clearly proclaiming theocracy and intent to pursue it. This group came into being after the 2009 Elections, created and managed by by ACDP members Keith Downs and Bruce Harbour. This group fits the stereotypical fundamentalist Christian literalist and dominionist profile, which it seems to have inherited from its parent group.

! PAGAD (People Against Gangsterism And Drugs) “As per the U.S. Dept of State (April 2001), “PAGAD was formed in 1996 as a community anticrime group fighting drugs and violence in the Cape Flats section of Cape Town but by early 1998 had also become antigovernment and anti-Western. PAGAD and its Islamic ally Qibla view the South African Government as a threat to Islamic values and consequently promote greater political voice for South African Muslims. The group is led by Abdus Salaam Ebrahim. PAGAD’s G-Force (Gun Force) operates in small cells and is believed responsible for carrying out acts of terrorism. PAGAD uses several front names, including Muslims Against Global Oppression (MAGO) and Muslims Against Illegitimate Leaders (MAIL), when launching anti-Western protests and campaigns. PAGAD is suspected of conducting recurring bouts of urban terrorism–particularly bomb sprees–in Cape Town since 1998, including nine bombings in 2000. Bombing targets have included South African authorities, moderate Muslims, synagogues, gay nightclubs, tourist attractions, and Western-associated restaurants. PAGAD is believed to have masterminded the bombing on 25 August 1998 of the Cape Town Planet Hollywood. Said to have ties to Osama bin Laden.”

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